Black Raw Denim Classic Cut Jeans

BLACK RAW DENIM CLASSIC CUT JEANS by element jeans has practically no fading to give it a tidy look.  These jeans have been generously cut to give you enough room to move around comfortable embellished with a fashion embroidery on the back pocket and a signature embroidery stitching on left front pocket. Zipper fly with embossed Shank button and Rivets.

Unlike other style trends jeans are not exclusive. The right pair will flatter anyone, and we can’t think of anything better. Denim is available in almost every color. That helps to not only spice up your outfits, but add some contrast to your wardrobe. A true denim maven knows that jeans can always be altered. Turn an older pair into a fresh pair of cutoffs, or go all out by bleaching jeans. The possibilities are endless.

Most fashion items are for a specific season. Dresses for summer, scarfs for winter, boots for fall. But, jeans? They are with you for life. The right pair of jeans can be the perfect outfit for a formal occasion. With the right accessories you can go from cash to fab in a matter of seconds.

We’re all practical. If we invest in an article of clothing we want to know that it is going to last, and with denim you’re definitely getting a return on your investment. So, You shouldn’t have to break the bank to look good. Jeans are a fashion must that everyone can afford and  will look great in.

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30, 32, 34, 38

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