Denim Vest with Reflective Trims

Denim Vest with Reflective Trims will make you look cool on every occasion. This V-neck Light Blue sleeveless bolero vest is just what you need and will gives you a casual and modern look ideal for day and night.

You will stand out with this beautiful vest Washed-out effect in the torso and back, bare shoulders and buckle detail on the back. Therefore, A garment of the highest quality and latest trend.
denim jacket, also called a jean jacket or trucker jacket, is a jacket made from denim. Introduced in the United States in the late 19th century. It has been a popular type of casual apparel with both men and women. Though a staple of western wear, the denim jacket has also enjoyed a more general appeal.
According to GQ, there are “few things more iconic, more innately American, than a denim jacket”. And the magazine has called it “a staple for stylish men”. Jean jackets have also been popular with women.

So, as a new type of work apparel intended for use by cowboys, miners, and railroad workers. The “Type III” denim jacket, introduced by Levis Strauss & Co. in 1962, has been described as the Denim jacket “to rule them all”.


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