Lemon Curry colour long sleeve Linen Shirt for men

Linen shirt for men long sleeve in Lemon Curry colour Irish  is light weight (imported fabric) with soft hand feel. Double stitch with clean finish inside out with Printed Piping on the inside neck band and roll up tie to give it a distinct look. – Element Jeans Co.

The main benefit of wearing linen clothes in hot weather is the coolness they provide. Linen is a “stiff” fabric and is less likely to cling to the skin; when it billows away, it quickly dries out and becomes cool again. Summer clothes made of linen possess high air permeability, which allows air to flow through the fabric easily and allows the body to breathe.

Another nice feeling one can have when wearing linen dress, linen blouse or any other piece of linen clothing is the body free of moisture. Linen is highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat. Your linen garment feels cool to the touch and linen fabric will quickly remove perspiration from the skin.

Linen is capable of absorbing moisture and then and quickly yielding it again. Linen cloth can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before giving a feeling of being damp or wet because of its molecular structure. In other words your linen shirt will absorb lots of perspiration and it is unlikely it will ever feel clammy as water evaporates off linen as quickly as off the surface puddle. The result is your linen dress acting like an excellent cooling system. Linen is very breathable, allows air to move around freely and thus, releases moisture very fast.

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