Sailor Style Knitted Jersey

Sailor Style Knitted Jersey- stripes lapels.  95% Rayon, 5% Spandex Stretch contour fit. Double-button front. 3/4 sleeves with shoulder pads. Unlined. Looks sensational paired with black/white bottoms or a pair of jeans. Soft and stretchy.

This sailor knitted jersey usually used on the plain t-shirt or may be used on printed t-shirts as well. Somehow, you can collar shirts under them as well. It all depends on the mood and occasion on which you want to wear them.

Both men and women can wear this jersey. So, these is no particular gender to specify and no particular styles on which it used. Therefore, most of the people dont care about what they wear under the sailor type jersey. All they know is they style and poeple love style. These types of clothings are used for both formal and casual appearances. However, some poeple prefer to wear on normal basis and they look good as well.

So, the best part is this jersey is now made in different varieties and each varieties have its own purpose of wearing.

Therefore, Comes with a Spaghetti strap sailor stripe tank top.

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