Swarovski Helix Pendant


SWAROVSKI HELIX PENDANT by Element Jeans Co. – Limited Edition – Swarovski 18 mm Crystal Helix Pendants 6020 – Helix Pendant. Stunning drop-shaped pendant of a helix design creates extremely brilliance, fully cut crystals with timeless elegance. Supplied with a braided leather string.

Crystal Pearls’ crystal core and unique silky coating match the look and feel of real pearls. Their resistance to abrasion, perfume, perspiration and UV makes them extremely durable. Select from myriad colors, shapes and sizes, either knotted or threaded.

Swarovski pearls are the right choice for jewelry design, textile embellishment or interior decoration. They create a subtle, feminine, high class touch that blends well with casual looks, such as a denim outfit. The glass pearls perfectly imitate natural examples. Their shimmer looks authentic and, with their silky texture, they adapt to skin temperature when worn.

Swarovski pearls possess a glass core treated with a special surface coating. The matte, glossy surface matches the timeless elegance of real pearls. The Swarovski range includes Crystal Baroque Pearls with an irregular shape for an even more natural look. Swarovski pearls also meet the highest standards in terms of durability. They are resistant to external influences such as UV radiation, scratches and perspiration.


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