Wooden Beaded Garland Necklace

Wooden Beaded Garland Necklace

Wooden Beaded Garland Necklace are crafted carefully to arranged multiple strands and create this simple yet elegant necklace. Artisan show off the natural craft of wood in this stunning necklace.

One method of creating a daisy chain is to pick daisies and create a hole towards the base of the stem (such as with fingernails or tying a knot).

So, what are you waiting for ? Get the best deals on wooden bead necklace designs.  Its come with a matching bracelet.

Wooden Beads Necklace are still made from many naturally occurring materials, both organic (i.e., of animal- or plant-based origin) and inorganic (purely mineral origin). However, some of these materials now routinely undergo some extra processing beyond mere shaping and drilling such as color enhancement via dyes or irradiation.

The natural organics include bone, coral, horn, ivory, seeds (such as tagua nuts), animal shell, and wood. For most of human history pearls were the ultimate precious beads of natural origin because of their rarity; the modern pearl-culturing process has made them far more common.

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